Costa Rican Congress Introduces Bill to Regulate Artificial Intelligence…Using Artificial Intelligence

A group of Costa Rican congress members has introduced a bill that seeks to regulate the use of artificial intelligence in the country. The bill, which was developed with the help of the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT-4, will now be reviewed by a congressional committee. The committee will analyze the proposal, interview expert teams, make revisions, and determine whether it advances to plenary discussion.
According to a statement from the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), this is the first project in the country’s history to be entirely crafted using artificial intelligence. The main objective of the bill is to «regulate the development, implementation, and use of artificial intelligence in Costa Rica, focusing on human beings and protecting fundamental rights.»

The initiative aims to establish measures to ensure transparency, privacy, and data security while promoting research and the development of methods and techniques to enhance the applicability of artificial intelligence systems. Additionally, the proposal seeks to create a registry that includes information about the purpose, functionalities, algorithms used, and security measures implemented. The initiative enjoys support from various political parties.