IDEAS IP Management & Renewals with Clarivate Solutions

Clarivate is a leading global provider of transformative intelligence. It offers enriched data, insights & analytics, workflow solutions and expert services in the area of intellectual property.

Clarivate is the partner that law firms and companies rely on to transform the way they create, manage and protect intellectual property. It’s comprehensive intellectual property data, software and expertise help companies drive innovation, law firms achieve practice excellence, and organizations worldwide effectively manage and protect critical IP assets.
IDEAS is a user of Clarivate’s FoundationIP, a leading IP lifecycle management solution for law firms. IDEAS leverages FoundationIP for its patent and trademark prosecution and is a provider of Clarivate patent renewals in Central America and many Caribbean jurisdictions.
«Implementing foundation IP software within IDEAS has proven to be transformative, offering a centralized repository of accurate information accessible to our clients round the clock. This integration streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures comprehensive access to vital data, ultimately amplifying productivity and facilitating informed decision-making,” states Maricruz Villanea, Founder and CEO of IDEAS

IDEAS decided to work with Clarivate to leverage FoundationIP.  With this solution, IDEAS is able to manage IP portfolios more efficiently by streamlining operations inherent in managing patents, trademarks, domain names, copyrights and more.
With ten offices across Latin America, IDEAS needs to distribute official emails and documents to the correct person and office. Clarivate has a full suite of IP Administrative services that can support the IDEAS offices including remote work across the region and help manage costs.
IDEAS needed a new tool to help them manage all their IP assets more efficiently, so they started a project to develop and customize an IP management software from scratch, but quickly learned this was not a viable alternative, so they turned to Clarivate. With the use of FoundationIP, IDEAS helps Clarivate provide a more reliable service for renewals.
By leveraging FoundationIP’s country law date calculations, IDEAS tracks deadlines for maintenance fees across its client portfolios, mitigating risk for Clarivate’s customers.