November 3, 2021

Costa Rican Space Agency officially began its work

By IDeas trademarks & patents – 18/08/2021
The Costa Rican Space Agency (AEC), created this year by law, officially began its work on August 5, 2021, in search of opportunities to position the country in that industry at an international level.

“The Costa Rican Space Agency will facilitate the organization of links between academia and industry in this emerging field, which will translate into technological development, expanding the current capabilities of the country, and as it advances in products and services, it will be able to generate opportunities for companies and people,” said Paola Vega, Minister of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications.

The agency was created as a non-state public entity, with legal personality and its own patrimony, with technical, administrative and management autonomy for the fulfillment of its attributions, objectives and purposes.

Its goal is to create the strategic architecture and operational model necessary to design, develop, execute and implement the national spatial strategy, as well as to seek cooperation opportunities at the international level.

In addition, the agency intends to develop research, technological innovation, collaboration and articulation projects focused on solving humanity’s problems in terms of generating scientific space knowledge, space exploration and resource management on and off the planet.

“The economy around the aerospace industry represented for Costa Rica just over USD 203 million in 2019 and USD 187 million in 2020. For the country, the aerospace industry represents access to an ecosystem of high value and stability,” said Rodolfo Solano, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship.